American Radionic Announces New Patent Protecting Its Turbo Products

Palm Coast, Florida — American Radionic, Co., Inc., is pleased to announce that the United States Patent & Trademark Office recently issued U.S. Patent No. 7,203,053. This patent marks an important step in American Radionic’s ongoing efforts to protect its intellectual property rights.

The ’053 patent, entitled, “Capacitor For Multiple Replacement Applications,” is the product of American Radionic’s novel engineering work behind its Turbo200® products. American Radionic has been an innovator in the capacitor field throughout its sixty-seven year history, and is committed to obtaining patent protection for its innovations.

Turbo200® products can provide up to 200 possible capacitance values, eliminating the need for technicians to bring a vast inventory of capacitors into the field to repair air conditioners. The Turbo 200® line of products includes the Turbo200®, Turbo200®X, Turbo200® Mini and the Turbolytic™. American Radionic’s Turbo200® products are made in the U.S.A.

All Turbo200® products are certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) under the UL 810 standard as protected to 10,000 AFC (available fault current). U.S. manufacturers of air conditioning and similar equipment require that capacitors in those products provide this level of protection. American Radionic is proud to offer capacitors that meet this high standard. American Radionic has carefully cultivated its reputation for high quality, stringent testing, and appropriate certification for its products to ensure their safe performance.

The Turbo200® is available at more than 2,000 wholesalers throughout the United States and Canada and is exclusively distributed to the U.S. HVAC industry by Global The Source. For specific information regarding wholesalers/supply houses call:(Global) 1-800-531-5967 or American Radionic at 1-800-445-6033.

Outside the U.S., contact AmRad’s International Sales Group at: 1-407-362-1854 (8 AM to 6 PM, EST) or 1-386-445-6000.

The TURBO200® is produced under one or more American Radionic patent numbers: 3,921,041; 4,028,595; 4,312,027; 4,312,145; 5,313,360; 6,014,308; 7,203,503. Additional US and foreign Patents Pending