Amrad’s KVAR-3C 3-Phase* power factor capacitors are enclosed in an aluminum round can, fluid-filled with 12/12mm threaded mounting stud.

The KVAR-3C series is UL/CSA 810 recognized, file E133000, safety protected, tested, and approved to 10,000 AFC. Discharged resistors are internally mounted (under the terminal block).

All PFC capacitors are solid core wound on high-speed, film winding machines. All are concentrically wound, compact design, delta internal connection for improved current carrying capability and long term reliability. Voltage range from 230 to 525VAC, 50 and 60Hz. KVAR ratings up to 25 KVAR (higher upon request).

The compact, concentric design well lends itself for applications such as fixed and automatic PFC banks. Every PFC capacitor is given a hi rel (high voltage, HI temperature) burn-in prior to shipping ensuring long term operation.

Samples are available. Special KVAR ratings are also available.

*KVAR-C is also available in single phase.

3-Phase Compact Delta KVAR Series Technical Data

Compact Series

50Hz Compact Series