Turbo® 200

The world’s first multiple tapped, fluid-filled, metal can, UNIVERSAL motor-run capacitor, which eliminates the need to inventory more than 200 individual single or dual-value capacitors with a voltage rating of 370 or 440 VAC.

The Turbo®200 capacitor has a combined total of 67.5 microfarads (mfd), with taps at 2.5mfd, 5.0mfd, another 5.0mfd, 10.0mfd, 20.0mfd and 25.0mfd.

Each part comes individually boxed, including 5 jumper wires.

Using the jumper wires, a total of ONE HUNDRED different microfarad values can be derived. (Since 370VAC and 440VAC ratings can be replaced with the Turbo®, this amounts to 200 individual part numbers.)

The Turbo®200 is manufactured using AmRad Engineering’s patented Ultramet™ capacitor technology, which allows a metallized film capacitor to be “tapped” with a built-in common or ground connection and eliminates the necessity of separate capacitors or of packaging two or more capacitors in one can. For the Turbo®200, six capacitors are produced from a single, continuous, winding.

The Turbo®200 offers the same high reliability as AmRad Engineering’s single and dual-run capacitors. The Turbo®200 is enclosed in a metal can. It is an internally protected (UL style), fluid-filled, motor-run capacitor. AmRad Engineering is a leader in the motor-run capacitor industry supplying to both major OEM’s (such as Rheem, Goodman, Whirlpool, Friedrich, Frigidaire, etc.), and to the HVAC after-market.

The Turbo®200 will take the guesswork out of inventory purchases to meet your customer’s needs. It eliminates the need for 98% of your motor-run capacitor inventory.

The Turbo®200 is a must for the contractor who is looking to provide immediate satisfaction to its customers. The service technician should never leave the shop without one.


Turbo®200 is American Radionic’s United States Patent office trademark registration number 3,141,014.

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