Turbo 200® Family

Truly Universal Turbo 200 Family

Eliminate the need to inventory more than 200 individual capacitors, single or dual value, up to 440 V, with the world’s first universal line of multi-tapped, fluid-filled, metal can, motor-run capacitors.

  • Made in the USA (Manufactured in Palm Coast, Florida)
  • Filled with a thick non-PCB dielectric fluid to reduce heat
  • Rust free all brass terminals
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Each Turbo 200® and 200X are individually tested and labeled with exact MFD ratings at completion of manufacturing
100x100 made in the usa
100x100 5 year warranty

Turbo 200® & 200X With CPT®

Every Hard-Start Needs CPT® (Compressor Protector Terminal)

CPT® acts as a kill switch between the hard-start and compressor in the event of a failed run capacitor; preventing damage and possible compressor failure. Pair with the CPT® Fuse Wire on AmRad’s universal hard-start kits for the BEST compressor protection.

Although AmRad capacitors have an extremely low failure rate, the CPT® has been introduced to ensure American consumers are always protected.

Turbo 200®

Permanently replaces single or dual value 370/440 V motor-run capacitors

2.5 MFD to 67.5 MFD

Turbo 200®X

Permanently replaces higher range single or dual value 370/440 V motor-run capacitors, used in scroll compressors and higher efficiency A/C units

5 MFD to 97.5 MFD

Turbo Mini

Permanently replaces run capacitor for fan size values

2.5 MFD to 15 MFD

Turbo Mini Oval

Permanently replaces run capacitor for fan size values

2.5 MFD to 15 MFD